Well it’s getting ridiculous how little I blog, but I will sometime try and get round to doing this regularly. But I just wanted to put this here, to let you know, I know this theme is an old rubbish one, the new one I paid a not small sum to be created for me, […]

Well here I am again and it’s been almost 12 months since my last blog…. Seriously if I ever release a product about how important blogging regularly is… DO NOT BUY IT!!! It’s not that I don’t like creating posts, it’s actually quite cathartic but to be honest I have been so darn busy. Between […]

Hey, I know it’s been a long time since my last post and I am sorry. Things have been crazy for me the last few months. You may remember back in July last year I launched “The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview” and made quite an impression on a lot of people who really liked my […]

Hi All Just a quick post today, as I am flat out putting the finishing touches to my brand new Warrior Special Offer; “The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview” It’s going to launch at 1pm EST on 7th July (my 40th birthday!!!) It’s already creating a lot of buzz around the social sites and on skype, […]

It never fails to surprise me when I see a new product launch that employs an actor to pretend to be a millionaire “underground” marketer that people seem to fall for it. I studied drama for 2 years at college as a teenager before realising that it wasn’t the life for me. But surely having […]

I have just arrived home from a very long, tiring, and incredibly brilliant and productive weekend at Dean Holland & Alex Jeffreys Instant Profit Seminar. I have to say this is the first “proper” seminar I have been to, and when these guys involved and its called “Instant Profit Seminar” you’ve gotta go!!! All the […]