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Well it’s getting ridiculous how little I blog, but I will sometime try and get round to doing this regularly.

But I just wanted to put this here, to let you know, I know this theme is an old rubbish one, the new one I paid a not small sum to be created for me, broke!

So I have had to revert to this one.

Anyway, once my latest project is in the can, this will be rectified.




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How Long???!!!

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Well here I am again and it’s been almost 12 months since my last blog….

Seriously if I ever release a product about how important blogging regularly is…


It’s not that I don’t like creating posts, it’s actually quite cathartic but to be honest I have
been so darn busy.

Between selling my solo ads business, launching 5 WSO’s for Alex Jeffreys, 2 of my own, working
on a coaching program with one of the World’s top list builders, Daegan Smith, and
now running a successful inner circle coaching program I haven’t had time to spit.

But things are changing…

I am by nature a control freak and find it difficult to let other people inside my business…

But I have done it, and man what a relief!!!

I am certainly not working any less than I did before, but I am working smarter.

I am able to work ON my business and not IN my business.

By having staff, I can delegate the tasks I shouldn’t be doing and work on the one’s I should,
like giving extreme value to my coaching students and looking at ways to improve the service
I give them.

Also testing new strategies that I can pass onto them to ensure their success.

Without doubt, bringing in staff to assist in my business is the single best “operational” move I made within
my business in the last 12 months.

Make sure you have things for them to do and that having them will free you up to perform
more productive tasks in your business.

Ensure the tasks you are performing “drive the business” and make you money, then having
the staff will be worthwhile.

This is something you should always look to do anyway.

The “quick wins”.

Of course doing this moves the business along faster, but more menial tasks will keep getting
“bumped” down the list.

These are the tasks for your staff to do, that allow you build the business and keep them in a job :)

Always be looking at what tasks will grow your business when you plan your time and you
won’t go far wrong.



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Hey, I know it’s been a long time since my last post and I am sorry.

Things have been crazy for me the last few months.

You may remember back in July last year I launched “The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview” and made quite an impression on a lot of people who really liked my style and interviewing technique.

I even had people asking me if I was a professional journalsit and interviewer!

Pretty cool.

Anyway later in the year I won Alex Jeffreys “Unreported Marketing” product launch beating some really big names such as John Thornhill, Jeff Dedrick, Dean Holland and Mike Filsaime!!!

Even cooler right??!!!

As a result of this I was invited to Alex and Dean’s office in South Wales and within 3 days they asked me to come and work for them…..How could I say no???

So for a few months I had the time of my life with those guys and learned so much and made so many great friends in the IM world it was amazing, but all good things come to an end.

I have been a full-time marketer for 2 years now and have always wanted to do online what I had done for 20 years offline, which is coach people and help them develop their businesses.

So I took the hard decision to go back out on my own, which Alex and Dean were really cool about and completely understood that desire within me to pass on the knowledge I had of the IM game.

However as Al Pacino said in some film or other “Just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in!!!!” haha.

Alex made me an offer I couldn’t turn down, the chance to be the launch manager on what promised to be one of the biggest WSO’s of the Year.

Boy oh boy was that super cool. SIX FIGURES IN SEVEN DAYS and a funnel that has bought in over $250k in the 8 weeks afterwards.

Pretty nice thing to have on the marketing CV right??!!

After this I took a really bold decision and I sold my solo ads business that I had built up over the last 18 months and threw myself head first into product creation and continuing to build the coaching business I had started in September 2011, but had put to one side to join “The Dream Team” as we called ourselves, lol.

And here we are BANG upto date.

This week I launched a brand new Warrior Special Offer called


In it I reveal how I won Alex’s launch contest, the event that really shaped the last 6 months of my IM life and to be honest with everything I have in place ready to go from now on….The Event that was the spring board for the rest of my IM success and my plan for a 7 figure business within 3 years.

It’s gonna be one hell of a journey and I am loving it!!!

Take care, and remember it took me 14 years of slog to get where I am, but get yourself a good mentor and you will do it a damn site quicker……I should know ;)


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In life there are always 2 sides of the same coin.

Knowledgeable and ignorant, rich and poor, marketers and prospects.

The chances are if you are one of these sides of a coin, you will be on the same side for all 3.


Chances are if you are knowledgeable, you are rich (whether in cash, time or quality of life) and are a marketer.

If you are ignorant, then you are more than likely poor and a prospect.

Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess which you would like to be!

And to be quite frank if we can get you to be a knowledable marketer, then you will become rich, if not rich at least be able to replace your current income, and start to lead the kind of life you have always wanted.

So how do we do it?

Well here are my top 5 tips for becoming a knowledgeable, rich marketer instead of an ignorant, poor prospect;

1. Unsubscribe from all crap you get sent every day. The guys that only ever send you free stuff and never anything else of any substance, like this.

2. Stay on the lists of people who you like, who are attempting to reach out to you in a no-hype push button type manner. Real marketers of quality, not just your run of the mill adswappers.

3. When you sign up to a list of someone you like and feel you can align yourself with, look at the sales funnel they have in place, the words, phrases they use and the price structure too.

4. Keep all the mails they send you in a folder either in your email provider or on your desk top. Look at the way they structure them, the offers they make and the headlines they use. If you have 4 or 5 of these from top marketers then you two really cool things.

A. Quality content that you can learn how to market properly from.

B. Quality “swipe” you can edit into your own style in the future.

5. If you like one marketer in particular, ask them to be your mentor. Having a mentor is definately the quickest way to grow your business. Having someone in your corner to help, advise, motivate and inspire is invaluable.


If you can shift your mindset from that of prospect to marketer then you will increase your knowledge.

It will also increase your confidence in your ability, which will in turn set you free to start to create your own products and find the wealth you are looking for.

Whether that wealth be in monetry, time or quality of life terms you will find yourself a more content person, who markets in a professional giving manner, willing and capable of helping others to change their own mindsets and reach their own personal goals.



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Clickbank sees the light

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The situation has got worse and worse over the last few months, but finally Clickbank is getting its house in order and it is no longer going to approve the scammy “push button” crap we have been seeing recently.

I am sure you, along with many others watched with increasing disbelief as we saw more and more outlandish claims being made with every product launch.

They did however all seem to have one thing in common, terrible actors!!!

Whether it be an “underground” millionaire travelling in a jet plane and then his limo and then finally ending up in a hotel room with the Air hostess/PA waiting for him in bed, or some other “underground” marketer standing on a balcony in Monte Carlo which was clearly a green screen (It moved at one point for Christs sake) they were all designed to trick people into thinking that a $47 product can bring them that same liefstyle.

One would hope people would know these were just out and out scams, but for those who have yet to make oney online and are suffering from information overlaod and see no light at thened of the tunnel they seemed like the dream ticket.

A product with a cool video of a guy spilling his guts and sharing with you the secret of how he made $20,564.93 in only 3 days and having only pushed a couple of buttons.

But thank goodness the FTC intervened and as a result Clickbank are clamping down on this crap.

With this turn of events now is the time for the “ethical marketer” to come to the fore.

Internet Marketing is a business like any other, and must be treated as such.

These “push button” scams just simply do not work, I emplore anyone who is thinking of buying this kind of product to save their money and when they can get themselves a mentor.

Someone who has already trodden the path and knows the pitfalls that will occur along the journey and can steer you down the right track.

They can help you get the right mindset, plan, set goals, create products, forge jv partnerships, build your own affiliate programs and much, much more.

They will be there for you when you need help and will guide you to the kind of online success these scam sales letters, that are now persona non grata, previously promised.

Treat Internet Marketing seriously, look to build a business and a brand.

Think long term, create your own products and your own style, give great content and offer superb value for money and people will follow you.

Become the kind of marketer that are looking for right now!

One that will help and show others the right way to market!

Good Luck :)



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My New WSO

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Well it shows how mad things have been this last week that I am only just getting round to writing about my new Warrior Special Offer.

As you will probably know I recently went to the home of top internet marketer Alex Jeffreys where we recorded a brilliant interview.

Alex really does share so much in this brilliant HD video that you will be blown away.

I launched it on the warrior forum and the feedback I have been getting so far is amazing;

Kevin Fahey says;
Hey Anthony, Just purchased and loving the
content. I’ve followed this WSO
from the beginning, and really did not know what to expect. The content is
nothing short of professional, entertaining and most important

You will learn A LOT, you will be entertained and if you soak up
the info it will be a life changer.

Good Luck
Kevin Fahey

David Walker says
Hey Anthony,Let me congratulate you on a
great job on interviewing Alex!

As a former coaching student of Alex’s
and having met him a few times I had an idea of what the content would be like
and some of the topics that would be covered and I certainly was not

In true Alex Jeffreys style he tells it like it is and does
not pull any punches!

In an age where “push button” crap is behind hawked
to clueless newbies without a hint of conscience, it is great to see a real
“rags to riches” story being explained so that others may follow in his foot

Awesome stuff and I hope there’s going to be a


Coby Wright said;
I’ve known Anthony for over a year now and I’ve
always followed him stuff…I know Anthony knows how to build a big list
and teach others to do the same…

But now he throws Alex Jeffreys into
the mix!! I had to buy this – I didn’t even read the sales letter because I’ve
been waiting for this to launch…

I’m off to watch the video and I’ll
come back with a review!


Simon Cad said;
Hey AnthonyFirstly I’d like to say
congratulations, for producing an interview at such a high professional

I was stunned by the attention to detail and the supreme value
warriors are getting here – for just $7!

Fantastic! I loved this
interview and couldn’t keep my eyes off of it!

Some amazing content, and good to see some humor thrown in for good measure! – This really is a no brainer.

All the best with this WSO, I know it’ll be a great


And that is just a very small selection of the amazing comments the interview is getting.
Also as a cracking bonus I have added a 30 minute video, “How to Interview an Expert”. In which I share the tactics I used to get Alex to agree to letting me interview him, and how I ensured the interview revealed the information I wanted revealed!!!
The Package is available at The Warrior Forum for only $7, for a limited time, if you want to go grab it
I hope you enjoy it :)
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Hi All

Just a quick post today, as I am flat out putting the finishing touches to my brand new Warrior Special Offer;

“The Ultimate Alex Jeffreys Interview”

It’s going to launch at 1pm EST on 7th July (my 40th birthday!!!)

It’s already creating a lot of buzz around the social sites and on skype, and with that in mind I thought I would share the introduction to the interview with the world!!!

You will never see Alex Jeffreys in the same light again!

As I said the WSO launches on July 7th and if you want to be reminded of that just


and you can join my launch notification list!!!

I really look forward to seeing you there.

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Hanging With Alex

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In 2 weeks or so I will be 40!

In my 39 years 351 days on this planet there are a few days that really stick out as my best days. The day I met the girl I was gonna marry, the day I married her and the births of my 2 sons.

Those are all “personal” days, but if we are talking “business” days TODAY, stands out as number one, in with a bullet, no doubt, hands down!

I have worked for 3 of the UK’s largest companies over the last 20 years and have been involved in a lot of cutting edge technology and major product launches so I don’t say that lightly.

The reason? Today I got to hang out with one of the world’s top internet marketers; Alex Jeffreys

I met Alex at his Instant Profit Seminar recently, and thought what the hell, opportunities like this don’t come around everyday, so I asked him if I could interview him, but not just any interview.

Luckily I live about 30 minutes down the road from Alex, so we arranged for the interview to be done at his family home with a professional film maker documenting it all.

Now I don’t want to reveal too much at the moment, but this is going to be one of the biggest WSO’s ever!!!

The information Alex shares in this interview blew me away, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I have to say too not only did he share soooo much information, but he was so up for a laugh I couldn’t believe it!!!

The first 2 minutes of this documentry/interview are gonna have you wetting yourself laughing!!!

This guy is all about the business, but he is also, all about the craic too!!!

The film is being edited by my film maker as we speak and is going to go live within the next 14 days and you are going to be blown away.




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It never fails to surprise me when I see a new product launch that employs an actor to pretend to be a millionaire “underground” marketer that people seem to fall for it.

I studied drama for 2 years at college as a teenager before realising that it wasn’t the life for me. But surely having attended this course has given me a super power to spot these people when other’s can’t.

Is it not completely clear that these guys are just too “polished” in their presentation and are clearly acting the part, usually badly!

What also astounds me is that these incredible push button systems they sell are available for only $47 (or less if you exit out of the page).

If I knew a push button system that made me $122,546.40 in 4 days from just pushing a couple of buttons I certainly wouldn’t sell it for $47, in truth I wouldn’t sell it all.

I’d probably let a couple of friends in on it so they can leave their jobs behind them like I have, but that would be it.

Yet strangely they can make this kind of money and are prepared to let you in on it for a paltry sum.

There really is only one word for this


Watch out for internet scams

If like me you have probably bought into the dream a couple of times but soon realise they don’t work, and you do one of 3 things;

1. Go and buy another one in the hope that that one will work!

2. Admit defeat, give up and go and spend your money on another hobby.

3. Like I did, find another way, and build a proper business.


You need to know this;

This is a Business Like any Other!

Let me ask you this;

Would you buy an offline business from a guy you had never heard of, who gave you a great big long sales pitch about how great this business is that he has, how it makes him thousands of dollars a day, but he’s prepared to let you have it at about 1% of the amount he turns over in a week?

You get everything; the premises, the stock, a list of customers and all the good will that goes with the business!

Well that is exactly  what we are being asked to do with these scams.

I am assuminga this point you are saying, “I would never buy an offline business like that”

If that is the case “Why do it online?”

The guys who put these sites up are praying on the fact that we are all so desperate to live the internet lifestyle they sell that we will just hand over our cash no matter what the “amazing insider secret” crap they are peddling.

The only secret thing you need to know is this;

This is a business like any other.

You need to work at, you need goals, you need strategies and you need a product to sell.

A good quality product that will bring value to the market.

If you can stop buying these crappy push button products and invest your money more wisely, you can become a success.

Invest like I did in a mentor and you will find your business (that’s what it is remember) transforms almost instantly.

They will show you how to plan, delegate, prioritize and create, at least that’s what you want them to do.

So make sure before paying your hard earned cash that they will, and you will break away from the crowd of followers and become a leader, a leader with a business!


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Instant Profit Seminar

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I have just arrived home from a very long, tiring, and incredibly brilliant and productive weekend at Dean Holland & Alex Jeffreys Instant Profit Seminar.

I have to say this is the first “proper” seminar I have been to, and when these guys involved and its called “Instant Profit Seminar” you’ve gotta go!!!

All the other’s have been complete pitch fest’s, which as a result means I don’t leave my office for just any marketer.

The moment the mail from Dean (closely followed by Alex) dropped in my inbox I knew wild horses wouldn’t keep me away.

The 2 guys delivered excellent content to a room full to capacity, eager to hear what 2 of the internet’s top marketers had to say, and they weren’t disappointed.

Whether it was Dean’s incredible WSO tactics or Alex’s brilliant 21 days to a million dollars strategy no stone as left unturned in helping the attendees in their quest for instant profit!

I really can’t recommend them highly enough. If the guys do another seminar like this and you get a mail from anyone letting you know, I cannot emphasise strongly enough how much you must go.

Not only for all the great secrets they spilled, but also for all the top marketers that were there supporting them.

I think it speaks for itself when they have someone like Marc Milburn (and his amamzing hand tricks!) compering and Sally McNeill supporting.

Not to mention Glen Kirkham, Dan Briffa and Toby Street ot name just 3 sitting in the audience supporting their mates.

The content alone was worth my trip, but when you throw in the invaluable relationships that I built, dinner at waggamama’s, plus the entertainment afterwards! it’s was a great event.

Once again thanks to Dean & Alex for not only all the help and advice you gave the room, but to me personally too.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

And of course no seminar visit would be complete without the rogues gallery below ;)

Instant Proft Seminar

Alex Jeffreys and Anthony Tilley at the Instant Profit Seminar


Instant Profit Seminar

Dean Holland and Anthony Tilley at the Instant Profit Seminar


Instant Profit Seminar

Anthony Tilley & Marc Milburn Instant Profit Seminar Compere


Instant Profit Seminar

Glen Kirkham and Anthony Tilley


Instant Profit Seminar

Toby Street and Anthony Tilley


Instant Profit Seminar

Jouvan Johnson & Anthony Tilley

I am future proofing myself here, definately one to watch Jouvan Johnson ;)


Thanks again guys, a great 2 days.

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