I am pretty much of the opinion that I am a lucky guy.

I live in a nice house, drive a nice car, have a lovely family and no money worries.

But it took me a long time to get anywhere online. I tried crappy scheme after shiny object for years on end.

You name it i have probably tried it, and failed at it.

I know it is not very often you will hear a successful marketer admit….

“I just didn’t get it”

Well those 5 words pretty much summed things up for me for around 14 years, and considering my offline job was business development and coaching that is a pretty shocking thing for me to say.

I facilitated the growth of hundreds of companies in my day job, increased the bottom line of several major UK corporations by millions of pounds a year, yet it wasn’t happening online.

Not until I discovered one thing…..How to build a list of subscribers.

Then the game changed…BIG TIME!!!

Within a few short months of making this discovery I had built a list of 93,000 subscribers and a five figure a month business.

I then flipped that business, lived off the profits, and started work on other projects.

Today I am one of the top marketers in the UK with students paying me thousands of dollars to bring the kind of success to their business online that I have for myself.

I am in demand from major marketers to coach their students and talk at their events.

I am even an Amazon published author on the subject of list building

All of this is great, and the fact I don’t have to work for anyone ever again and know that I will never have any money worries in my life, there are 2 things far more important than any of that stuff.

1. The difference I am able to make to people’s lives and to help them to find financial independence and live their dreams.

2. The fact that I never have to ask permission again to go and attend and of my sons school events during the working week and the fact.

The thing though that I am most proud of is my 2 sons and the way they are growing up and the principles my wife and I are instilling in them to ensure they become good, kind and thoughtful citizens.

Thanks for reading this page.

Take Care